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From the passion we have for animals, we created FEEL® ANIMAL WELFARE, where we develop a New Generation of Nutraceuticals for animal health and well-being.

We collect the ingredients that nature gives us and use highly innovative technology to comply with the necessary rigor for the development of complementary compound feeds, suitable for the daily well-being of the pet.

The development of innovative concepts combined with strategically and carefully selected ingredients in FEEL® complementary foods that, acting in synergy, help to help prevent and treat certain diseases.

In this sense, we present ourselves as a brand that actively participates in the daily health of dogs and cats, enhancing the quality and longevity of the pet’s life.

Focused on sustainability, our entire FEEL® line is created with a revolutionary and challenging design, accompanied by sustainable packaging, maintaining product quality and economic results, through the innovation, credibility and rigor that we are recognized for.


We are focused on creating a new generation of nutraceuticals for animal health and well-being, through a business model based on creating and sharing sustainable value.


We want to strengthen our leadership in the national and international market, guided by the sustainability and innovation of the business and ensuring the total satisfaction of our customers.

We are committed to creating excellent products and, therefore, face the future with responsibility and respect.



Our values designate the way in which we intend to operate in the market with a range of nutraceutical products, seeking differentiation and proximity in the health and well-being of companion animals.

Quality and sustainability are present throughout the FEEL line through a composition, carefully studied, tested and produced in a GMP environment, based on natural substances, plants and vitamins.
Innovation allows us to offer a range of differentiating ingredients, processed using state-of-the-art methods and equipment.
Emotion is reflected in all brand communication and is what allows us to be closer to each pet.

We believe that these values allow us to meet the needs of veterinarians and guardians.

Welcome to the family.

Rua D, Zona Industrial Casal dos Frades,
Lote 98/99 · 2435-661 Seiça – Ourém
T. +351 249 094 225
(Call to the Portuguese fixed network)

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