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FEEL – ANIMAL WELFARE, S.A., hereinafter referred to as FEEL, seeks to ensure and safeguard user privacy and comply with all legal obligations.

FEEL is committed to protecting all personal data entrusted to it, establishing a duty of information and commitment to transparency in its compliance with the current legislation on data protection.

Consequently, all information of a personal nature is processed and protected with all due diligence and always per the applicable law, specifically E.U. regulation 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter GDPR).

This Privacy and Cookie Policy establishes the terms applicable to processing any personal information provided to us in the use of FEEL’s website and the data processed about you as a user of FEEL’s website.

1. Information collected

1.1 – Information provided by users:

FEEL respects your right to privacy and does not collect any personal information about you on this website unless explicitly requested or consent for its collection is expressly provided.

Use of this page does not require users to provide any information unless registration is required for any purpose, which shall be clearly stated, and authorisation is granted by the user as provided for below.

Personal data may be requested when using the website, such as your name and email address, among other information.

1.2 – Information processed automatically:

“Cookies” are packets of data that a website sends your computer when you make use of a website. These data files include information that records important data key to making browsing more efficient and convenient. This website uses Cookies for various purposes, specifically to obtain non-personal data from its online visitors.

Whenever you access the website “”, a Cookie is stored on your device. A “Cookie” is a packet of data a website sends your device when you access it. Cookies include information that records important data key to making browsing more efficient and convenient.

Users can configure their device to accept, refuse or delete Cookies at any time by selecting the relevant settings in their browser. You can configure Cookies in your browser’s “options” or “preferences” menu. Users should, however, be aware that if their Cookies are disabled, our website may not perform as efficiently when accessed.

Cookies help determine the usefulness, interest, and number of times a website is accessed, allowing for faster, more efficient navigation, and removing the need for users to enter the same information repeatedly.

The Cookies used by FEEL are analytical Cookies used anonymously to create and analyse statistics to improve website functionality. These include functionality Cookies, which save user preferences applicable to website usage, meaning that users do not need to reconfigure the website each time they visit it, and third-party cookies that measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising. They can also be used to customise a widget with user data.

1.3 – What do we use Cookies for?

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies allow you to browse the website, use its applications, and access secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, the services you request cannot be provided.

Third-party Cookies: These cookies measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising. They can also be used to customise a widget with user data.

Session Cookies: These temporary cookies are stored in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the website. The information obtained by these cookies is used to analyse web traffic patterns, allowing us to identify any problems and provide a better browsing experience.

It should be noted, however, that disabling Cookies may prevent some web services from working properly, which may totally or partially affect website navigation.

For more information about Cookies, to learn how to prevent them from being installed or how to delete existing Cookies from your hard drive, visit the following website:

You can find information about managing Cookies according to your Internet Browser at the following websites:

2. Purpose of Processing personal data

2.1 – Whom to contact for general information:

FEEL is the entity responsible for collecting and processing personal data obtained via online website Your data is then processed due to the need to follow up on and process your suggestions, questions, requests for information, and orders.

2.2 – Partner companies that use personal data for their own marketing purposes

FEEL does not license or sell our customers’ personal data to third-party companies for marketing purposes, except in circumstances under which customers have provided their consent for us to do so.

The data processed under these conditions is then stored for the period necessary to resolve the issue raised, exclusively to evaluate the quality of the services provided by FEEL.

As such, as the entity responsible for processing such data, FEEL:

  • Ensures that your personal data is only processed within the scope of the purposes for which it was collected or for compatible purposes;
  • Collects, uses and stores only the minimum personal data necessary and sufficient for the purpose in question;
  • Processes personal data for legally required purposes or so as to carry out services at a customer’s request.

3. Data sharing

FEEL may share users’ personal data with subcontractors and shall always be responsible for processing such data. Once again, we would like to emphasise the complete trust placed in the entities subcontracted by FEEL, therefore guaranteeing that your data is safeguarded.

Within the scope of its operations, FEEL may use third parties to provide certain services. Sometimes, the provision of these services may require these entities to gain access to our users’ personal data. When this happens, FEEL takes all measures appropriate to ensure that the entities given access to the data are reputable and provide the highest guarantees regarding the safeguarding of information, which shall be duly provided for and safeguarded in any agreement entered into between FEEL and such third party(ies).

As such, any entity subcontracted by FEEL shall process our customers’ personal data in the name and on behalf of FEEL and shall be required to adopt any and all technical and organisational measures necessary to protect such personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data and against any other form of unlawful processing.

In any case, FEEL remains responsible for all personal data provided to us.

4. Your rights

Users may, at any time and per the applicable law, directly and on their own initiative, exercise the following rights: the right to be informed; the right to access; the right to rectification; the right to erasure; the right to object to direct marketing, including data profiling; the right to object to processing on the basis of legitimate interests; the right to data portability; the right to restrict processing, and the right to lodge a complaint with a Supervisory Authority.

To effectively exercise these rights, you can contact us by email at or via a written request sent to FEEL – ANIMAL WELFARE, S.A., headquartered at Rua D, Zona Industrial Casal dos Frades, Lote 98/99, 2435 – 661 Seiça, Portugal. Should you wish to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, please contact us first so that we may kickstart a chain of procedures sure to meet your needs.

5. Information security

FEEL ensures that all necessary technical and organisational security measures are in place in order to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the data collected via its website. However, as it is impossible to guarantee the absolute security of any information sent over the internet (open network), a risk does exist of data being accessed by unauthorised third parties. However, FEEL continuously adopts and develops security mechanisms to protect the personal data collected, even when faced with such circumstances.

6. To whom this policy applies

Our Privacy Policy applies to all our employees, customers, and potential customers visiting our website and to all services provided by us.

7. Review of the terms of the Privacy Policy

By using the FEEL website, you consent to the collection and use of your information under the terms and in accordance with the conditions set out in this Privacy and Cookies Policy. FEEL may change these conditions at any time and without prior notice, with all modifications published on the FEEL website.

Should you wish to submit a request for clarification regarding this Privacy and Cookies Policy, you may send your questions to the following email address: By creating an account on any FEEL website, users provide their express, free, and informed consent for their personal data to be collected and processed for the purposes and under the terms and conditions provided hereinabove, further stating that all the information provided is correct and does not contain any omissions.

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