FEELImmuno is the latest product from FEEL – Animal Welfare

FEELImmuno is the latest product from FEEL – Animal Welfare 1366 820 Feel

FEEL – Animal Welfare has presented its latest product, FEELImmuno, designed to strengthen pets’ immune systems. It is a highly palatable oral paste that aims to boost the performance of the immune system.

FEELImmuno comes in a 30 ml dosing syringe and is composed of propolis, bovine colostrum, cannabis sativa l., lentinula edodes and b-complex vitamins.

The brand states that “FEELImmuno is a complementary food for dogs and cats that provides support and optimization to the immune system, triggering a more efficient and competent response from the animal to pathogens in its daily life and in situations where the immune system’s response is compromised by immunosuppression due to concomitant diseases”.

Its use is indicated from birth and until advanced age. The entire range of products is exclusive to the veterinary market

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