FEELSénior is the new complementary food for the neurosensory function of dogs and cats

FEELSénior is the new complementary food for the neurosensory function of dogs and cats 1366 820 Feel

FEEL – Animal Welfare, a pharmaceutical company that produces nutraceutical formulas, has announced its latest launch, FEELSénior, a complementary food for dogs and cats that provides energy, supports neurosensory function and has a beneficial effect on the animal’s physical, cognitive and sensory activity.

The food is recommended to be administered to pets on a daily basis, “triggering vitality and neuroprotection, guaranteeing an energy supply that boosts the performance of those compatible with pathologies involving the nervous system,” the company said in a statement. Moreover, it also promotes the well-being and longevity of senior animals.

“Developed with strategically selected ingredients, such as Ginkgo Biloba, Propolis, Cannabis Sativa L, Curcumin Complex and Fish Oil (rich in omega-3, EPA and DHA), it combines scientific and laboratory rigor, making it possible to meet demanding criteria in terms of palatability, being that, this way, FEELSénior is very well accepted by dogs and cats.”

The entire range of products is exclusive to the veterinary market.

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